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    IT Repairs Complete Empty IT Repairs Complete

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    Greetings citizens of Meia!

    I have wonderful news for everyone. The interdimensional transporters (called ITs for short) that were damaged a while back by the resistance have been repaired! This is very exciting and I am sure you are all ready to go hopping back into the worlds which you all became accustomed to visiting. Have no fear of being attacked by the resistance movement while you are using the ITs. A guard has been set up around them that will ensure your safety.

    There are some things I must warn you of, however. Those of you who have been to the other worlds in the past will discover that the worlds have advanced over one hundred years. Friends you had will have died and places you knew may have been destroyed. It has been discovered that all the worlds that were once at peace are now in a state of war. We urge you to be careful should you enter any of these worlds.

    For those of you who have never used the ITs, allow me to explain what they are. The interdimensional transporters are machines that allow you to enter another world. Once in these other worlds you are free to take on any personality you wish. Once in these other worlds, you may discover that you have gained some new, strange powers; others will find that they do not have these powers. This is entirely normal. The journey to the other worlds sometimes awakens powers that coincide with the world you have entered. Do not be alarmed by this; simply do your best to master your power.

    There are some procedures that must be gone through before going through the ITs and entering these worlds. To begin, everybody should review the Basic Training Manual that you received upon entering the armies of Meia, the ITs and Other Worlds section in particular. Then you may go to the Colonies in Meia and enter the ITs. Everybody must go to the Information area once they have gone through the ITs. There, they must read all information there and fill out all relevant forms. Questions may be directed toward the Commanders, who already have a presence in these other worlds.

    It is my pleasure to give the word you have all been waiting for. The ITs are officially reopened and you may begin the journey of a lifetime! Have fun and don't die!
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    I know, right? O:

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    Oh, finally! Can't wait ^^

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