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    Enjoy a Choke ^_^ Empty Enjoy a Choke ^_^

    Post by Destinykil

    The past week has been a real "rollercoaster" for me. I mean fighting with my girlfriend is always bad and usually leads me to talking about it all day to friends. BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! many more things have been going well for me. So if I were to balance out the pros and cons, i'd say getting into fights with my gf is rather irrelevant!

    The good stuff. What is better for me than getting out of work at 6am, enjoying the sun rise then off to the gym where my "family" awaits. We all greet each other with a handshake, fist bump, then a hug as is tradition. We bow to our Sensei and to each other and my day OFFICIALLY begins.

    We pair up in two's and begin a rigorous 20 minute stretch. The temperature in the room starts to heat up and beads of sweat drip down our forehead. As we stretch our muscles statically and dynamically, we become loose and flexible. The blood pumps through our muscles and fibers like lightning cutting through the air. The sensei lets out a coarse "hmpf" and we snap back into the formation and bow, time to drill technique!

    As we shift our angles and contort our bodies in weird positions, we find it easy to slip in armbars, triangle chokes, x-chokes, and various other submissions. The sweat is pouring off of us like waterfalls and being absorbed into our gi's. Whatever sweat our gi's don't catch, hit the mats with a small thud letting a small shine reflect off the mats. The beeping of the timer goes off and we break apart and bow to each other.

    It's time to roll, which means for those who don't know, it's time to actually submit our opponents, our friends, our family. We try not to hurt them but the passion to win coarse through our heated veins! I dash at my brotha and he steps out. Just what I needed, I grab his belt and his GI sleeve and bump my hip into him. He lets out a small breath and I swiftfully toss him over my hip. OGOSHI!(Judo throw). He hits the ground and I drop to my knees and then to my hips laying pressure onto him. He struggles and bumps into me trying to wiggle free but my downward pressure is too much. I wrap my hand around his collar and drive my knee over his stomach and into the mount position. I have him right where I need him. I quickly spin my body around trapping his hand in the groove of my elbow and fall back onto the mat. ARMBAR from MOUNT! He breaths calmly trying to escape but my hips are raised in the air and my knees are tight. The sound of his hand slamming on the mat signals me to let go. He tapped, the victory is mine! We bow to each other and take a sip of water.

    Oh my, look at the time, 2 hours have passed, I've rolled with all 20 people on the mats and collected a whopping 16 submissions, 2 stalemates, and 2 defeats. My defeats came from the seasoned blackbelts. So naturally, I was okay with tapping. Live and let live the journey of BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU!

    We all line up and take one final bow to our sensei and bow to each other, the class has ended. The mats are drenched with sweat as is all of our GI! We take off our GI and start conversating as we pack up. My time is running thin because I have an appointment soon. I hastily pack up my things and give one final bow to all. The best part of my day has just ended and it's time to go through the rest of it somehow.

    Thank you for reading my blog.
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    Post on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:34 am by quater

    It reminded me of a mix of Kenichi and the song, "Everyone was kung fu fighting"

    Anyway, sounds fun. ^^ I miss sparring a little.

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