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    Post by PeinQ

    Okay so I halfway forgot again.

    I'm so sorry! I had this big project due, then another big project due, then a big end-of-the-year biology class field trip... and the bus broke down so we were stuck on the Oregon Coast for another day or two and yeah o-o;; Having to move your camp a half a mile down the campsite by hand isn't actually as bad as you would think. And walking the uberbig bridge to town to eat isn't that bad either. At least it was extremely nice weather. I got a tan on my legs! :D I don't feel so sun-deficient anymore! And it was nice to be home at my ocean.


    Sooo.... I feel guilty about forgetting you guys again, but I was really busy right there at the end of the school year DX And even now I'm not sure how 'back' I really am, but I'll reply to your PMs when I get online O: And perhaps post another meaningless blog coz I'm bored.

    ANYWAY. Goodness.

    How's eveyone's summer going? O:
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