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I think that, from my experience, there are some excellent parents. Like my own mother, for instance; who, despite us being not well off at all, wants me to have all of my resources available so that my dreams could be met. Of course, I reciprocate this with my pretty awesome grades, scholarships, and meeting with entrepreneurs.

However, there are some pretty horrible (or at least mildly unpleasant) parents. These are the parents who, having suffered abuse as a child, decides that its okay to abuse their own. People say that it's due to them not knowing what is better, but the...

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Be it a friend, a family member, or your significant other; Talk things out, don't assume anything, get facts straight, react.

I think Q will like that this isn't another long winded post of mine. >.>

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Ironically enough, my first blog was in the Happiness section and this one is in the Rant/Sadness section.
Do you know why?
Because I'm sad ):
Well, more like disappointed. In my school, my neighborhood, my community and pretty much my whole city.
My principal told the class of 2011 that my city (Flint, Michigan) was ranked number one on the most deadliest, dangerous cities (or something like that).
She also said that we were 15 homicides ahead of the homicide number of last year.
And my city broke a record for the amount of deaths in a year in 2010.
It made me...

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I was literally growling at my computer earlier. Facebook gave me some lovely messages. Such as..
"Inauthentic Name - Temporary Block"


"Unfortunately, the name you entered was not approved by our system. Please wait 10 minutes and then try again.

Make sure you enter your name correctly and that it complies with our formatting guidelines. Please note that if your next attempt is also unsuccessful, your account may be disabled."

Apparently, my name is too common. My name is John, so I MUST be using an alias. And apparently the random account...

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Ugh. I dunno I'm in an okay mood sorta but there's just some things going on that are bugging me.

Like how a friend of mine is like my sister, and she and this guy are kind of considering dating. Like she still needs to give him an answer. Anyway so this guy that she needs to give an answer to is one of my best guy friends. So during geometry Monday everybody was gone so I sat behind him and we talked all hour. Which isn't an uncommon occurence for me. And yet I managed to pull a 105% on my last test.

Anyway so another friend of mine was obviously observing us talk about Tetris...

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So my recent "activity" or lack thereof has been because of my trips to the hospital. It started when I was at work and started to have a panic attack. First time ever, I went home and lied down. Woke up and was paranoid. My mom had me go into the ambulance and next thing I know I was at the hospital. So they stabilized me from whatever I had and then realized I had a cyst on my tailbone. I went home and they gave me pills for the cyst pain which ramped up the following few hours. I was able to sleep through the night until the next morning when I awoke. My gf helped me into the shower but then...

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Title says it all folks.
I just can't take it anymore. My life is structured. I work, train, pay bills, and attend to important matters. The rest of the people in my house live like crazy lazy people. My mom governs the house from the couch she indented. She sleeps 16 hours a day and bitches for the other 8. My brother is a spoiled little B**** who gets whatever he wants and has my mom defend him all the time. He is turning 18 in 2 months and I guarantee my mom will still support his ass. ME and him got into a fight and he decided to try and act tough.

I told him when he turns 18 I will break his jaw in a split...

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I feel so inferior, everytime I come on, the post count of users double. Now you can all say, "Des, come on more often and post and your count will be higher." I obviously know that but I also work at train privately. When i'm not doing that, i'm spending time with my girlfriend and she comes before AA, no offense Q or Yoyo. I try to get on to post but it seems so futile. I get off for like 5 hours and come back and BLAM! People's post counts sky rocket. How am I supposed to make my mark when I can't even keep up? Oh well, i'll have to deal. But then again, I have leverage...

I'm a Leader....

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Rant And Sadness 72762 i am the first to post in the rants! it is a sign!! the most bestest sign ever!!! except in the avatar movie with all those seeds...ANYWAYS it is a sign that i am destined to rant!!!! so i shall live the life of rantism!!!!! Rant And Sadness 950230 i will be da hero of rants!! i bet my bad guy is more epic than the joker! omigod....MY ENEMY IS GUNNA KILL ME?!?! Rant And Sadness 427495 well crap..i don...

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