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    Rules of the Profiles Empty Rules of the Profiles

    Post by Yoyo on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:44 pm

    Because pretty much everybody will be in at least one RP, this is meant to be a way to keep all of a player's characters in one place in a somewhat organized fashion. It is more than highly suggested (almost mandatory) that you make a thread here to post link to your profiles for each RP.
    It'll be a help to everyone. A simple link to your thread here will allow everyone easy access to the thread with your character's profile. (Because who can remember EVERYTHING about ALL of their characters at the same time?) Everyone gets one thread. You can multi-post

    -The title of the thread should be your username (or a common nickname)
    -Contents of the first post should be links to your profile threads.
    --> It is requested that you label and/or divide them up by class. (i.e. Class A profiles together, Class B profiles together, etc.)
    -----You can make multiple posts, each with a separate Class if you desire. It's actually recommended.
    --> Once Class SSA is active, do NOT give away what it is. "Class SSA," "Secret RP," "OMG No looking!," etc will suffice. Spoilers are useful things.
    -If you wish to repost your character in this thread, you may do so with the exception of Class SSA characters. Spoilers are your friend.

    No spam will be allowed in this section. Any and all spam will be deleted.

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