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    Moderator Applications Empty Moderator Applications

    Post by Yoyo on Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:55 am

    Moderator Positions Currently Open:
    Listed in order of necessity.
    * RP Moderator (focuses on RP aspects)
    * General Moderator (focuses on non-RP aspects)
    * Banker (focuses on Bank aspects)†

    Before you think about applying to be a moderator for AA, please stop and think about the following rules. (Yes, rules.) AA is very laid back in many areas, but this is something with which I will not bend.
    Please note that if you know someone from another site who would make a fantastic mod, feel free to send them this way.

    Requirements of a Moderator:
    1. Moderators must be people who help others with problems.

    2a. They should be able to remain calm when handling problems.

    2b. They must be able to take flames, deal with others in a respectful manner, and generally promote a positive atmosphere.

    3. They should adhere to the forum rules. AA doesn't have that many - if you can't follow those, then get off the site. :P

    4. Moderators must work well and professionally in a team. Or at least pretend to.

    5, 6, 7, and 8. Moderators must be able to handle Yoyo. I tend to be a pain in the butt to have as a co-worker/boss online.
    • Yoyo is legalistic about her own rules - you must beat Yoyo with a stick when this is apparent.
    • Yoyo doesn't designate duties well - you must be able to beat Yoyo with a stick when you notice this.
    • Yoyo needs to be beaten with a stick on occasion - if you can't do that, leave this thread now.
    (Note that 5-8 are more of a suggestion than a requirement. Like, very suggested, but not required.)

    9. Be active

    Duties of Every Moderator:
    * Be active
    * Keep AA clean - generally spambots and duplicate threads (We don't need two Baconators)
    * Answer questions/solve problems - long-timers have been good about it already, but it'll be your job
    * Idea Maker - figure out how to help AA
    Duties of a General Moderator:
    * Be active
    * Your primary focus is breaking up fights, poking over-cussers, and answering questions
    Duties of a Bank Moderator:
    * Be active
    * Banker - you'll also be in charge of keeping everybody's money up to date
    * Idea Maker - ideas for increasing the site's "economy"
    Duties of an RP Moderator:
    * Be active
    * Approve/Disapprove Characters - This involves reading profiles, pointing out errors, and moving around approved characters, as well as "dead" characters.
    * RP moderation - Making sure people don't god-mod, break rules, overflow a thread

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a moderator? Here's the form. Fill it out and PM it to Yoyo (that's me!). You will receive a reply stating that it has been received, but don't be alarmed if it takes a while to approve/disapprove it.

    Contact: [off-site]
    Time Zone:
    Online: [when are you normally on AA?]
    Type: [RP, General, Bank]
    Previous Experience:
    Why you would be a super special awesome moderator: [this should be more than a couple of sentences]

    Banker is an optional role. It would be neat to have an AA economy (and there probably will be once the battle system is figured out).

    Only questions concerning moderators and the application process should be posted here.

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