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    One more time!!


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    One more time!! Empty One more time!!

    Post by Yoyo

    Well, maybe not one more, but.... *shrug*

    I just enjoy making posts as admin, because, regardless of how long I've been an admin, it hasn't lost its new admin smell.

    Warning: my spacebar is freaking out (and has been for a long time now) so there might be a few cases of wordsallsmooshedtogether. I apologize for that right now.
    Warning 2.0: After writing this post, I realized that Q rubbed off on me far more than I ever thought he had. Apologies for the obnoxiously long post (the tl;dr is in the box on the main page).
    Warning 3.0: I've edited this thing multiple times. Confusion may ensue more than normal.

    Unrelated, but still important: Formotion has updated the post boxes. According to them, it is in beta. I doubt we'll have any real issues, but if there are issues, don't be totally freaked out.

    On to the news!

    In-depth explanation of things happening... (If you don't care, skip to the "Help" bullet.)

    Recreating RP forums
    The RP stuff is going to happen on-site now. No more need to have a billion accounts. It'll all be in forums near the bottom. Instead of clicking "Fullmetal Eclipse" and transporting to another site, it'll just be another forum. Simple, yes? Sure.
    Hey, I did this! RP forums are done and, I think, accessible. They're hiding under "Class A." I'll get a thing written up on that here shortly-ish. (Did that; link here.)

    RP forums
    Yes, two on the RPs. The basics of the RPs is going to be horrendously simplified. Basically, give me a list of RPs you want, a reason for why said RP should be added, and whether or not you'd be willing to help moderate said RP's forum. I'll be making a post for this shortly. Actually, an entire section. (Did that too.)

    There is an incredible lack of pictures and unity right now. It bugs me. This was my primary job in the past which is why it's a major focus. **see note in "help" bullet**
    I think I'm done with this for now. Yes, the sidebar thing is gone. I'll miss it. If I can get it back without killing everything else, it'll be back.

    Founder account
    This is more of an FYI than anything important. Due to how life happens, I don't have access to the deepest, darkest parts of the site, but I'm working on it. Just waiting to hear back from the person who will fix things.

    I have an idea for a story that I'd like to use as the site plot, but it really has no baring on anything other than your group title. At the moment, the groups only serve to give your name a color. Nothing else. (Except "Government Officials" who are admins and "Police Officers" who are mods.)

    Speaking of... I'll probably need some. Your primary use will be making sure things work and approving RP profiles. (Oh yeah. Moderation. You'd also moderate the RPs.) As of right now, I have none. If you want to help with this, let me know. Please note that at the moment, I'm not in dire need of them, so I'll probably have an extended mod application time. During this time, you can think about whether you want to be a mod or if you know someone else from another site who might make a fantastic mod here. Applications can be found here.

    Kidding. "Help" bullet is here.
    Basically, let me know if there's something funky going on with the site. If you can't see something, access something, etc., let me know. It looks like everything's okay on my end, but... *shrug*

    What do you mean there's a bribe?
    Other than the fact that the obnoxiousness you see will go away, if you are particularly helpful, I'll add you to a usergroup for troubleshooting. (Named something potentially lame, like "Trouble Shooters." Complete with image of a gun.)

    You mean there's more?!
    No, I just felt like annoying myself with how insanely long this post has become.
    Rebuild the site forum is here: An entire forum devoted to it. I must be procrastinating.
    Moderator application thread is here: Bizarre, I know.
    RP creation application thread is here: Because you know you want them.
    Picture of my dog here: I found her like this, I swear.

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    Post on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:45 am by Bakura

    A mod application sounds interesting, but I'm not sure yet.

    Love that the roleplays will be in house now. Reminds me of my roleplay forum elsewhere. Since this is an anime site, you could create a forum category for each individual anime, then create a profile board, with a roleplay board underneath of it. The roleplay board can then be separated in whatever means you find appropriate, as per the other three sites to begin with.

    Actually, you could prolly get away with the category of roleplay, and then a board for each individual series, with profile posts being listed in this board, with sub boards for roleplaying. Would save a lot more space in regards to home page.

    Name the trouble shooters Snipers, as part of a military unit to combat specific problems?

    Cute dog.

    Yami Yugi with a yoyo is always awesome.

    Post on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:52 pm by Yoyo

    I've already got the format mostly figured out, luckily, but that's about how I had it set up. Just need to, er, inform people of that setup.

    Snipers might be a good name. Depends on how helpful people are. ^_~

    She is a cute dog. You know, when she isn't farting or breathing nasty dog-breath in your face. xD;

    Yes. Best moment in my life when I saw that.

    Post on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:17 pm by Bakura

    Awesome. I haven't really been paying attention. xD

    If they're worthy of the title, they should be pretty damned helpful. :P

    Sounds like our greyhound.

    Just what is your obsession with yoyos? O-o

    Post on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:22 pm by Yoyo

    That's my thinking. It's why only the more helpful people will get the title. :P

    Ah, I started getting called Yoyo, so it sort of replaced my original username. I still haven't figured out where it came from.

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