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    All Rules for Roleplays


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    All Rules for Roleplays Empty All Rules for Roleplays

    Post by Yoyo on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:49 am

    How to Post

    • Be literate : use complete sentences, correct grammar and punctuation (as well as you know how), etc.
    • Keep it PG-13 or below : if it isn't allowed on TV, it isn't allowed here: cussing, nudity (you must be fully clothed at all times), etc.
    • Use only your characters : do not use other people's characters unless explicit permission is given.
    • Be nice : the site is at war, but that does not give you permission to be mean to someone.
    • Use past tense : all actions have happened in the past; the characters are not doing things right now.
    • Use third person limited : definition here.
    • No god-modding : you are human and can be injured and be wrong; don't act otherwise.
    • Four to a thread : Only four people can be in a thread at a time to keep things somewhat simple; exceptions may be requested by PMing an admin
    • More rules may be added at any time.


    • You are only allowed one character at a time.
    • If you wish to change characters, you may have a second character approved. However, your first character may not be used and will be marked as inactive.
    • In order to get a character, you must submit one for approval in the Characters subforum in the appropriate category.

    Thread Creation

    • The title should explain either where the thread is or who can post there.†
    • The first post should include a description of where the thread begins.
    • Each thread should either be your "home" thread (where your character can always be found) or an RP made for specific people to RP.

    † If two to four people wish to have a private RP, they may. Simply post the names of the RPers in the thread topic. The title may be edited to add/remove RPers.

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