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    Character Creation - Meia Empty Character Creation - Meia

    Post by Yoyo on Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:07 am

    Creating a Character

    • You must fill out the correct form if you wish to RP as either yourself or an original character.
    • Once you have completely filled out a form, create a new thread in this forum so it can be approved (see "Approval" below).
    • Once a character is approved, you may RP using it.

    There are several rules you must follow if you want a character approved.

    • Powers : they must be reasonable with a logical, not-impossible-to-obtain weakness; if it seems too strong, you will be told to edit it. They must be original or uncommon
    • Relations : characters are not allowed to be related to canon characters; this includes, but is not limited to: family, friend, etc. Seeing them once in a parade is alright, but having been aided by them is pushing it.
    • History : keep histories reasonable; having a homicidal mother who killed everybody but you then gave you her favorite necklace before killing herself is a bad idea.
    • You will be told to edit any other aspects of your character which may seem unrealistic or god-modish.

    Remove the brackets ( [] ) and everything in them before posting.
    NOTE: Make a new thread for your character: the title should be your character's name.


       [b]AA Username[/b]: 
       [b]Picture[/b]:  [optional]
       [b]Alias/Nicknames[/b]:  [optional]
       [b]Race[/b]:  [Human, Demon, Shad'r, etc. Note: create whatever race you want; it might be made canon at some point.]
       [b]Alliance[/b]:  [Military, Resistance, Civilian]
       [b]Job[/b]:  [military job, resistance job, civilian job]
       [b]Physical Description[/b]:  [missing limbs, handicaps, etc.]
       [b]History[/b]:  [hometown, goals, etc.]
       [b]Other[/b]:  [family, friends, etc.]

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