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    Trial time!

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    Trial time! Empty Trial time!

    Post by Bakura

    30 day trial, but doing... two trials at once!


    So, here's the plan. I'm going to (officially) start my 30 day trial of a standing desk, and a 4 hour sleep schedule! I'm not going to too much into it, as I've already written a fair bit of it on my other blog. >.> But, four hour monophasic sleep, and stand for the majority of the time I'm at the desk.

    Anyway, the TL;DR is

    I'm going to stand a lot, and sleep for so little that it forces me to sleep better faster, and in a more adequate amount of time.

    Why? Cos I'm bored, and have high hopes for this being a stepping stone to future trials in the future, such as, learning to draw, program, learn a language, etc... Should be fun! Add in the four hour sleep schedule, and voila, more time to do this in! Especially considering I usually get from 10-12 hours sleep daily... Only to feel like crap? Forget that!
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    Post on Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:13 pm by Bakura

    Okay! So far, been doing this standin' thing for a week now. xD

    I've gained about a pound a day from doin' this, assuming it's muscle bein' gained from actually moving. Who'd have thunk? xD

    My heels hurt most, but they're coming around, and slowly (very slowly) getting to the point where I can almost ignore it.

    The sleeping thing though, is having some issues! But that's to be expected from going from roughly 12 hours sleep, to my more efficient 4 hours.

    I can't wait for week two to finish. xD

    Post on Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:12 am by Bakura

    Well! Day like 11 now, or something.

    I've slipped into a sort of triphasic sleep pattern, that is, I take three "naps" throughout the day at roughly 90 minutes each, and that's it. So, I take 3 a day. I don't know how optimal this will be when moving starts to kick in again, and it'll likely have to switch to biphasic if I get a "normal job". I can't go back to monophasic, it is murder on my back.

    After just two days, I've already felt like I have more energy. One friend actually mistook me for hyper. I was in a great mood. It's roughly 4.5 hours a day. But quite a few times, I've actually woken up before my alarm. It's so awesome.

    This morning, I woke up with a cold (morning being after the 4:30 nap). But after I woke up at 2, it was gone. I'm sure it's unrelated, but it's still something fun to test on later.

    As for standing, same old same old. Feet are swelling some, but I believe that'll go away soon enough.

    Essentially, I've changed this little experiment.

    Rather than using 30 days to adjust to my new sleep schedule, this 30 days will be spent with my standing desk. Meanwhile, the next several months, up to a year or more will be spent with a sleep change. Various experiments to adjust to whatever my body is wanting me to use. I'm hoping this one continues, while only needing adjusted during some things.

    For example, we got yet another eviction notice. Oh yay! I may have to adjust sleeping for the time spent moving things and the like.

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