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If you want to talk to me while I'm out, here's how.
Okay guys! This is pretty much your last chance to talk to me before I leave. I'm leaving CA on Tuesday, but I won't be able to be online starting Sunday... so I'm saying I'm going offline Saturday, just in case I'm not able to check during the day on Sunday. I'm leaving you with the address(es) where you can reach me - I'll be offline for the duration of my mission. You want to talk to me, send me a letter. ;)

Here's my MTC address (I show up in Missouri on July 26, 2011):

Sister K. M. Brinck
MTC Mailbox # 269
MO-STL 0726
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT...

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I feel strangely... I don't even know. Like I've been gone on a really long ass trip and I hardly know any of you anymore.

And it's kind of funny because I honestly have no excuse for my absence. (I hope I spelled that right.) No excuse at all. I think I actually broke a record with this one.. My last message was sent in August. It's now March. Hm. And the only person I've talked to since then is Mikel. Like once.

I'm trying to think of something significant and life changing that happened in the past few months... but I can't really think of one. Guess nothing was as bad...

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I have some issues to deal with, habits to break and form, etc...

So, the internet's going to be a problem with that... Taking up my time and whatnot. :P So, April it will be! How much of April (or perhaps even into May) depends on how I view my progress.

I'll still be checking at least once, so I'll still be about as active as I am now. If you need me, send a PM and what not.

So, until next time~

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For the first time in my life I drank a cherry coke. It has been a long time coming but I did it. Also I think I got my roommate hooked on One Piece today.

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Go figure, eh?
Self explanatory. Too paranoid to stay longer. Bye!

by Bakura - Comments: 3 - Views: 275
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I know that it has been quite a while since we've all met, and I'm not even sure who comes on the site, and at what times and stuff like that, but for anyone who comes on and notices "hey this guy is back" then this is a bit of catching up times and stuff like that.

I guess as I am procrastinating against writing papers, I will just write a brief sum of what has gone one.

concussion. I had two last year, and more than two the year before, and I still feel their affects pretty greatly, but now I am in the second year of my university degree which is Biblical Studies at a university...

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Well heyy there.
I missed y'all... So I've decided to come back! Until I randomly disappear... ('Cuz, yanno, that's cool... /sarcasm)
What's happened to you lately? What's happened to me? Let's trade(;

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And you all know it!
So, guess what? Moving again! Go figure, huh?

Only downside I've heard so far is that I have to share a room with my youngest brother. I know, I know...

I don't know when I'll be back so... I'll be on when I'm on. xD

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It's me! I'm back!

I start college later this month, I've found a job, I ride the bus, I'm still not 18, got my ID today, am moving out in January or next year and I am not ADDICTED TO GLEE!!

by KarateKeyaQ - Comments: 1 - Views: 280
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30 day trial, but doing... two trials at once!


So, here's the plan. I'm going to (officially) start my 30 day trial of a standing desk, and a 4 hour sleep schedule! I'm not going to too much into it, as I've already written a fair bit of it on my other blog. >.> But, four hour monophasic sleep, and stand for the majority of the time I'm at the desk.

Anyway, the TL;DR is

I'm going to stand a lot, and sleep for so little that it forces me to sleep better faster, and in a more adequate amount of time.

Why? Cos I'm bored, and have high hopes...

by Bakura - Comments: 2 - Views: 322
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A lot. I finally found out why, but I'm not going over that right now, or at all, so never mind that.

The point is though, to be dealing with these things, I'm going to be taking a break, so to say. From a good portion of the internet that I frequent, this site unfortunately being one of them. I'm not quitting the site, mind you. Just taking a break, I'll likely drop in from time to time to check my inbox occasionally. If you need to contact me, just send a PM, and I'll get to it when I can!

Until then, later days!

by Bakura - Comments: 2 - Views: 277
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Okay so I halfway forgot again.

I'm so sorry! I had this big project due, then another big project due, then a big end-of-the-year biology class field trip... and the bus broke down so we were stuck on the Oregon Coast for another day or two and yeah o-o;; Having to move your camp a half a mile down the campsite by hand isn't actually as bad as you would think. And walking the uberbig bridge to town to eat isn't that bad either. At least it was extremely nice weather. I got a tan on my legs! :D I don't feel so sun-deficient anymore! And it was nice to be home at my ocean.


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The past week has been a real "rollercoaster" for me. I mean fighting with my girlfriend is always bad and usually leads me to talking about it all day to friends. BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! many more things have been going well for me. So if I were to balance out the pros and cons, i'd say getting into fights with my gf is rather irrelevant!

The good stuff. What is better for me than getting out of work at 6am, enjoying the sun rise then off to the gym where my "family" awaits. We all greet each other with a handshake, fist...

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Remember guys i promised you that I'll be online during my vacation. Personal 260773
Well things came up. My grandma doesn't have anyone with her to go to her province, All my siblings(older and younger) is very "busy". So I had to volunteer and that province is well lets just say they're kinda primitive with internet. ^^" so I wont be seeing you guys in 4 days! But don't worry I'll still be leaving by may 3 which is a may 2 in your time line. And I wont be able to take pics too since my aunt borrowed my cam for her trip

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I feel like a ghost that's risen from the dead.

I wonder why -____-;;;

I'm not even sure WHY I stopped coming to AA... Maybe because I got too busy? It slowed my computer down? I forgot?!?!?!

But things have been somewhat hectic lately I suppose. I mean... I guess not as hectic as they COULD be, but as I look back on these last... four months (that's the last time I got a message from Poe, so we can safely assume I haven't been here since Jaunuary) have really flown by me. I mean, my routine is the same every day, wake up at 6, get ready, be bored at school, come...

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So me and my five best friends have discovered something that's fun to do on a Saturday night.

10pm to 1am bowling at the local bowling alley.

True, the last few times we went one of my friends couldn't make it coz his mother doesn't let him out much. And another friend wasn't feeling up to it. And we had extra people that made our time difficult to enjoy.

There was once a time though that we went bowling because it was like our weekly kind of therapy/unwind session. We'd go and let go of our problems for a few hours, and when we went home, we would look at things...

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I have created a blog, only problem, don't know what to call it, nor what to write about. This is starting as a sort of possibility to make this as a source of income so that I may be able to make changes that need done personally. Better health, more social lifestyle (possibly offline), clothes, getting fit. This also includes a possible change in diet should I be able to afford it, and definitely a more minimalistic approach to my life. Seeing as there are other issues which are indeed very much needed.

Secondly! Our contract lease will be expiring soon, and my parents are hoping to...

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i'm never going to hear the end of this. but that's just fine
Personal 39937_10

Haha. Kai when he was younger. (Take note: his lip piercing there is just a clip on. though he has a real one now. see how clingy he is to the things he really wants? if he wants you, good luck :P)

Yeah, he's always been like that. We used to argue a lot. Like, fight. A. Lot. I used to call him girly. He's actually have this androgynous look. Even now. Though more when he was younger. He's been mistaken as a girl from time to time. It's hilarious. I have lots of fun when that happens.

So I...

by Mikel - Comments: 49 - Views: 1087
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I was still on WOTN, I was still getting used to it.....

And My Zuki Beans fell all over me~ Personal 258968

Thats right, I've had my Lil bean sprout for a year as of today~

She's likely to kill me, but tomorrow, since today is so special =w=

She wanted all of AA to know, despite her chronic shyness, that she had been with this nerd to the time the earth takes to circle the sun.

I couldn't be happier with any other bean sprout.

And she's still Gaga over me~ No, no Lady Gaga...

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I dont usually rant. . but this took the last draw. .
Mainly me and my sister fought about 3 weeks ago i think.

started with this stupid gym thing. ( I dont really like going to gym as to . . you pay them just to use their fancy equipments and pester you to pay and stuff like that for a month. they're mainly scammers in healthy lifestyle. and! you can get thin or buff or something in your own home. . .__. ) so yeah. "GYM" I was sick on a sunday she wanted to go to gym so sure. . what could the harm be. . just a few running on a threadmill and stuff. . then the next day my cough went wild. then she told me let's go to the gym. I said...

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I won't be on, again! Yay for no internet! [/sarcasm]

In all seriousness though, we lost internet, so it'll be a while before I can get back. X.x I just hope this will not end in losing our house, yet again. x.x

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Normally, Fridays are super duper fun.
Like, this Friday, we get to wear jeans. But we have to give five non-expired food cans in exchange for wearing them. Which is cool, I guess but I'm poor and I need my food cans so I won't be wearing jeans.

Which is irrelevant anyway because I won't be at school Friday because I have to go on a field trip to a College for a competition I'm competing in for my BPA group. I'm kinda nervous :X Because I suck under pressure and I suck at trying to impress judges :/ And, at the leadership conference, I have to dress professional and I'm starting...

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how i spent my christmas and new year. it's a bit long u_u
hmm. .
well december started pretty good.
my mom plans on a trip in singapore and stuff
but my sister has to butt in to tag her boyfriend along
*it's okay with me but my mom doesn't agree with it*
it's a "family" trip.
so me and my mom along with my step dad went a last minute gift shopping for my little cousins Personal 427495 which is quite a hassle for me
but fun. . i get to pick the presents Personal 818398
my mom pestered me to pick...

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Happy New Years! I have no real plans. Just gonna sit at home and watch the fireworks. Maybe I'll actually get to bed before three tonight. That might be a reality just because I'm really tired out of nowhere and my head kinda hurts.

I don't have a resolution, really. Don't think I really need one O: Not that I'm aware of anyway O: I can never really keep them anyway so why bother?

School starts back up on Monday, and I think I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm starting to get bored, but I wish I could keep my sleeping patterns xD But I guess all good things must come to an...

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from this writing, it's 3 hours past the start of the new year. my computer's calendar says: 1/1/2011.

so happy new year, guys.

resolution? i don't promise things i feel like i might not be able to keep. i can't promise new things from me, just because it's the new year.

but i can promise to keep supporting the site despite my school and work schedule. you'll probably see me online but not posting, cause i keep a tab for this open even when i'm not by the computer. so if, for some reason, you need to tell me something, just message me or something. i'll get back...

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Don't you know who I am?
First off, don't you know who I am? I am "Des" the king of the arena. The narcissistic, egomaniac. I was once revered as a Evil Tyrant who destroyed all in his path. But those times will be shared over time with you all. Now I am forced to start anew with all my powers and such stripped from me.

Get used to the name Destinykil because I will be running through you like a bat out of hell. When you see me, you will understand fear. Some of you may not know now, but in due time I will explain to you who I once was and who I will become yet again.

Quater, Yoyo, and Bano; my brothers...

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