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    This is soo cool...

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    This is soo cool... Empty This is soo cool...

    Post by Azuki

    I've discovered the awesomeness of photography. This is soo cool... 338976
    I got a hand-me-down 3G iPhone a couple of months ago and ever since I found Instagram I've been on a photography rampage. lol *has several photo editing apps now lol*
    But seriously, guys... It's too cool. I'm a total nerd for photography now. I'm one of those kids that thinks that the vintage/ retro photography fad is the bomb... Because it is. This is soo cool... 902909

    I can't help but share, forgive me~
    This is soo cool... IMG_9125
    My legs... lol One of my favorites, ever.
    This is soo cool... IMG_6807-1
    That's my bud. He's a great model and he didn't even know it. lol
    This is soo cool... GARDEN
    This one's probably my second favorite... Ever~
    Last one, promise xP
    This is soo cool... Geisha
    Isn't Instgram awesome? That filter is, at least :3

    You know what else is awesome? Sims 2. My computers are too ghetto for Sims 3 xD I don't really like Sims 3 anyway... It's so complicated D: It's also, yanno, wayy better than Sims 2 but whatever. lol
    I love it because it's great for photography This is soo cool... 338976 lol And movies.
    I'm wayy into filming too. And I just got a hand-me-down video recorder, so I'm a happy girl~ This is soo cool... 902909

    That's all I have to say~ thxbai This is soo cool... 33769
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    Post on Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:19 am by SammyTheBootlegger

    Nice pictures! I like the last two a lot ^^

    Photography is fun, right?? Keep on it, man - it's something you can turn into a career if you wanted to.

    Post on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:08 am by Azuki

    Having a studio would be pretty cool :3 I can't believe how much people will pay for pictures though... Seems kinda silly, but yanno, whatever you wanna pay if fine with me xD

    Post on Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:55 pm by Kai

    Nice pictures! hahahaha I also use instagram in my iphone but i'm more used to my slr XDD so I fail much. . . .

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