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I've discovered the awesomeness of photography. Happiness 338976
I got a hand-me-down 3G iPhone a couple of months ago and ever since I found Instagram I've been on a photography rampage. lol *has several photo editing apps now lol*
But seriously, guys... It's too cool. I'm a total nerd for photography now. I'm one of those kids that thinks that the vintage/ retro photography fad is the bomb... Because it is. Happiness 902909

I can't help but share, forgive...

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What's everyone been up to???? =D
I'm interested in my fellow AA members lives! Still in school? Got a new job? Moved recently? Got a car? Popped out a few kid? Celebrated Halloween with lots of candy? Excited for Thanksgiving? Christmas?? LET ME KNOW!

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So went to my Natsca class (elemental designs 2) and my (MSCIETY)thesis class. I had a nice (pretty) prof for MSCIETY. Happiness 338976 nevermind that. So I'm starting my thesis with 5 topics on my hand. which kinda exciting and well scary. I'll find out next week which ones will I have as my final topic. On the other hand. . next week is chinese new year! This year all year of the goat will be lucky in terms of money and opportunities!! and I'm applying for a japanese visa.

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HOHO. HI PEOPLE! Happiness 72762

I've been uber busy and it's sad to see AA and the RPs not being filled with rowdy people going amok and and and stuff! Happiness 164715

:O From here then on, I shall be diligent! Happiness 950230 <-- Bob approves!

But trololo aside! Happiness 385155 I shall just share to you about the scare I did to myself...

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So we are down to the last 4 WOTNOPOLIS's. 28 will be up soon. I have been thinking about it for like, 2 weeks straight so I know what I want in it and can't wait to write it. It should be an entertaining and fun chapter, and as most of those go a good entrance into the next and final arc of WOTNOPOLIS.

A part of me is like Happiness 427322 I'm getting finished!

And another part of me is like Happiness 304739 its going to be over.

Book stuff! Guys...

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I only have two days left of high school!
Happiness 329269 Happiness 329269 Happiness 329269 Happiness 329269 Happiness 329269 Happiness 329269

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There's a lot of stuff going on in my life but I don't feel the need to explain it all because I'm lazy :3

So I'll just say............


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Okay, so most of you probably already know this, but I've been called to serve the Lord for a year and a half in the St. Louis, Missouri mission. I report to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC) July 6, 2011.

In order to go on a mission, I had to go through a rigorous process. My doctors (physical AND mental) had to sign off on it, as did my dentist and TWO Ecclesiastical leaders. Girls are allowed to go once they reach the age of 21 (and most do), while boys are only allowed to go from ages 19-26 (I think). Honestly? I was afraid they wouldn't let me go because of my health...

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it's good to be back to... well, it's not wonton anymore, but it still gives the same vibe. :P

i hope to stay a loooooooooooong time~

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So. . . today I went to a photoshoot to be a photographer. . . I dragged mikel along.
so that we could surprise some of our friends.
I was the first one to arrive and then mikel and then our friends. =__=
So the day went smoothly. . .with me lying on the ground. . .and mikel staring at me like i'm a retard.
Then after we're done. we went to eat somewhere. which a very demanding mikel said we should eat there!
We were ordering and suddenly mikel started being stupid.
which amuses me for no reason. probably because these are the few times i see him act stupid. . HAHAHAHA

by Kai - Comments: 7 - Views: 403
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I hope I'm not going overboard with the posting. >.>

Anyway, I'm in a FANTASTIC mood. I've regained my love in music again. Soon as I'm able to find the cord to my Yamaha PSR 175, I'm so going to start playing again. Much to learn, but time to do so. Etc... lol

Either case, this is likely going to be a permanent attitude. O-o So woo!

So thanking this video. >.>

Maybe one of these days, I'll get to...

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We have 9 WOTNOPOLIS's left (and an epilogue!)!

Yeah. That's what's up. ^_^

A month and a half ago we had 15 chapters left. Now we're down to single digits!

Of course 9 is still a long ways to go. And we have two big arcs left. And trust me. They're going to exciting. Especially the last one. Oh my~

But 9! 9! 9! 9!

Sorry, I'm just so excited to finally be getting there, you have no idea. We are also 71% of the way through the series. Eh, sounds less awesome.

This last arc was really tough to do, too. It was full of drama (Jake's...

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Whilst typing this I'm listening to the creepy Lord Millenium Song from D.Gray-man~ It's nice in a fun, creepy way!

So, since January 26th I've gotten 3 chapters of WOTNOPOLIS posted. I'm pretty psyched about that. That's about 1 per week. Considering WOTNOPOLIS hadn't had a new chapter since November when I started I'm pretty happy with this new pace.

I've had WOTNOPOLIS planned since August, so that I'm finally starting to get to some of this stuff that's been in the works for a year? Yeah. It's exciting me.

I'm also starting to get really motivated. There's...

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I came back. . FOR GOOD!!
yeah. . i disappeared again. .
sorry about that Happiness 721596
well i'm back for good!!~
Happiness 852377

I'm really happy I solved all of my problems. . hahahaha
mikel should now some of the stuff so those neon. . .__.

I missed you guys~

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So, I played this board game today in Psychology class because we had a game day to relieve stress or whatever and I'm addicted to it. I skipped Trig to go back in there and play xD
If you don't know what it is, it's a game where there is a topic-type card and the goal is to put down a card - that you have in your hand- that might describe it or has some correlation to it. Then everyone playing gets a chance to choose what card - that was put down- is the one they like the most. The point is to get the most topic cards.

Wow, I confused myself up there.

For example, the...

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That the blogs have made the move with us as well! I love these things :3 Even though I'm kinda modest and don't like to talk about myself.
So, back to me.....
Christmas is finally here :D And it's kinda depressing me because it's suppose to be about togetherness but all my presents are meant to be done in solitary.
Which is cool and all but I'll have to work hard to get out of my room xP
I love stuff :X
Like you!

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Thisss~ is my first blog O: And yes I'm going to start posting more often, even though my computer's a wuss and doesn't like all the flashing things but it'll get over it.

I'm still happy but has anyone tasted the fizzy kind of Skittles? Don't they taste kinda weird? D: I have this one covered in the funny-tasting fizz thing and I'm debating on whether I should eat it. ....Blehhh it tasted gross. ://

Anyway~ I'm like wicked happy about how Christmas went :3 I got a printer, a nice camera, and a photoshop package so I'm like "Yeahhh photographer!" even though I'm not so good...

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Who would've thought?
So Des packs up and visits his family up in the redneck parts of my state. There I meet with my sister who moved out and my brother-in-law. Good times. Des has always had a great body to brag about but what solidified my ego was the fact that my sister who used to narc on me all the time recognized greatness when she saw it and complimented me. Getting something nice to spew from her mouth has always been a hassle.

I've been training privately with a Muay Thai Master for a little over 3 weeks. I've been advanced and dare I say Expert at the art but I knew I needed him to help me achieve...

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