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    Parental Mindset Empty Parental Mindset

    Post by Jz-kun445

    I think that, from my experience, there are some excellent parents. Like my own mother, for instance; who, despite us being not well off at all, wants me to have all of my resources available so that my dreams could be met. Of course, I reciprocate this with my pretty awesome grades, scholarships, and meeting with entrepreneurs.

    However, there are some pretty horrible (or at least mildly unpleasant) parents. These are the parents who, having suffered abuse as a child, decides that its okay to abuse their own. People say that it's due to them not knowing what is better, but the fact is that they do. However, they lack the individual mindset to discern right from wrong/better from worse. That is inexcusable for a parent, and frankly I do not feel pity for them.

    Now, a lot of people have told me that I do not "understand the stress of being a parent". No, I don't. However, maybe they should look into the term "stress" a bit more. Stress is a psychological or physical effect. In this case, we're assuming its the former. Your talk about "stress" only comes from one fact: you let these things get to you. Parents could tell us "don't be afraid to go outside, just because its dangerous" or "it's only high school"... yet they don't want to hear "just let me go to this concert" or something of the like. This stems from the fact that most parents believe they are impervious to things: that they're invincible.

    I for one am pretty afraid of angering my mother, since she's a bit of a cobra in disguise. Nice and sweet, usually; extremely venomous when angered. However, she can also acknowledge that the dangers of a child are just as large as the dangers of a parent

    But, they'll spout that signature line: "I thought I knew it all when I was your age". Soooo, now that you're older, you think you know it all now? Like grandparents who state that they're "wiser" than children. Wisdom and knowledge are completely separate, in my opinion. You aren't some evolved form of human just because you went to war, went through segregation, had family in the Holocaust, etc. You're just another person who happened to have a bad event in past, so don't act like you can't be told anything and don't act like you're stronger than most. They will bring up something along the lines of... say "you need to learn how to suck it up, cause when I was..." I could care less, sir/ma'm. I'm human, so I'm allowed to feel however I wish about something that I don't particularly want to happen to me. Besides, this is about me, not you.

    Wrapping up this tl;dr, I'm just going to give an example of a pettier thing many parents are guilty of: hypocrisy. My grandmother loves to make a big fuss out of the household chores. Obviously, due to her being a senior citizen (who still works, despite being 10-12 years past the retirement age), believes that she doesn't have to perform any house tasks. That this is strictly my job.

    It doesn't help her case that I know this is the same thing she did to my grandfather and uncle, which resulting in him leaving her and his running away, respectively. I don't blame her for my uncle's death, at all. But, I do blame her on corrupting him and making him her slave.

    Here's where the hypocrisy comes in. Because she works for six hours, she doesn't need to do anything at home. Yet, when I travel for an hour and a half to my school, spend almost 8-10 hours there working, take a packed train and transportation back home (in our dangerous neighborhood), which takes another hour and a half to TWO this time, I need to disregard my homework and do the housework. And then, when I'm done, she bitches that my homework isn't done.

    So, I called her an "ornery old woman". Retaliation. A very watered down version of what I wanted to say.

    Sooo, she decides that cursing at me until she's hoarse is a great way to express her anger. Nice. I've cried I believe... 4 times, and I've also broken down twice into a pile of nerves from her (which I'd gotten counseling for). If any of you remember, it was what led me to becoming a cold asshole on WOTN and my treating Toshii harshly. Now, as I plan to get my own apartment when I'm 17, she and my mother plan to move in with me.

    I just said "no way". Left it at that. She asks why, and I say "look back on everything and you tell me why. Oh wait, you can't; since you obviously do no wrong" or something to that effect.

    TL;DR - Some parents have messed up mindsets. Don't let them tell you that you're being a smart-mouth, as you're allowed to state your opinion. Some may disagree, but I say that if you don't let me express myself; say goodbye to your kid. If they let you go, they aren't worth it.
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