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    RP Creation Application


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    RP Creation Application Empty RP Creation Application

    Post by Yoyo on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:19 am

    You have a brilliant idea for an RP? Awesome! Some rules, then a form to fill out, first.

    Rules for RP Creation:
    * It should be an anime/manga - exceptions do apply. Avatar: The Last Airbender is on the list of "this is going to happen" despite it being entirely American.
    * It should be well-known - something known only to a handful of people probably won't fly unless a large amount of people know what it is.
    * It should be well-liked - If only three people on the planet like it, don't suggest it.
    * It should be easily role played. Pokèmon is difficult to RP due to the random nature of obtaining 'Mon. One Piece is easy due to its wide open sandbox attribute. (That said, I have ideas for how to make Pokèmon a good RP. Got an idea to make it good, then suggest it!)
    * It would be a good idea for it to have a battle aspect - Not 100% required, but still a good idea. It can be somewhat boring, though, if nothing exciting happens. I could be wrong!

    How to Apply for RP Creation:
    * Copy the form (below)
    * Create new topic in this form (or click this link)
    * Put anime/manga/whatever name in title
    * Paste form in post field
    * Fill out form
    * Click "Send"
    * Be patient
    ** If asked for more support or something else, you may reply
    ** Others may post their support for a thread
    ** Polls asking for user opinion (i.e. Do you like this? Yes/No) are also good ideas

    Form for RP Creation:
    Name of Anime/Manga/Whatever:
    Link to anime/manga/whatever: [optional]
    Would you be willing to mod this RP?
    Why this idea should be accepted: [this requires more than a few sentences]
    Suggested Situation for RP: [when does it take place compared to the canon, what is the political/national/whatever situation (what makes the location interesting to RP in), etc. Be creative. Don't be offended if this is changed]

    Yosh. Have fun.

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