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Hopefully, the proper spot. >.<

For a continuing little bit of research I'm doing to help improve my sleep;

How long does it take you all to fall asleep? *Note: From laying down, 'til you fall asleep.
Do you have anything in particular you do before laying down?
About how long do you stay asleep?
Do you use an alarm to wake up?
How do you feel after waking up?
Any other comments you can think of?

Thanks. o-o

Y'all should be able to see...

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You see, everyday I spend an hour or so catching up on the news. I like to then tell people the interesting news of the day! (Yoyo gets a load of this from me).

I used to make threads in the WOTN Ramen Shop with these little tidbits. But I was considering that I don't really want to do that on here. Keep the AA area a little cleaner.

So then I was like, "But I still want to make an interesting newsy area so I can tell people what's up!"

So here are my two ideas. I make one thread and update it every day or two with some interesting tidbits for you guys to munch...

by quater - Comments: 8 - Views: 280
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For those seeking enlightenment on many forms of Martial Arts.
Well Des did want to continue to daily blog idea but with lack of internet the past few days and lack of things to talk about, I decided to sway this way.

What I aim to do with this is offer the advice and knowledge i've collected from studying and training in Martial Arts. From those who may doubt my knowledge or skills, feel free to enjoy your own opinion.

I have trained in many Martial Arts and studied even more. So when it comes to questions, forms, katas, and much more I can offer my insight and possibly help some of you onto the path of discipline and Martial Arts.

by Destinykil - Comments: 26 - Views: 488
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.. well i think so. xD
not too long ago, in the cold cold country sweden. there was a girl who got a splendid idea. the idea was so splendid that the girl decided to share it with her friend on AA. the idea was kinda funny, well thats what the girl thought to herself.

do you all wanna know what the idea was about?!



all the members here on AA...

by GL - Comments: 4 - Views: 207
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Day 3. Got Dang Interwebs
So most of you are like, "Des, why aren't you posting? You remind me of a turtle in its shell."
Opinion Turtle_in_shell

To answer that question I have but one excuse. No internet. My mother, who is just as lazy as a sloth forgot to pay the bill and thinks it's ok to not have internet anymore. Really angers me as well. So the only times I can get on is at work or from tuesday after.

HEY HEY! Tonight...

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Day 2. Enjoy the read.
Ok so, I wasn't really able to gauge if people liked the first blog but I intend to stick it out until the end. So our first blog question comes from the username on AA "Quater. And he asks "What is the worst customer you've ever had at work?" Great question, takes me back.

When I used to work at another Hess, we usually had to shut down the store to do reports. Just as I finish shutting down the store a man in a suit approaches the window and asks for gas. I look at him and nod my head. He starts yelling at me. No word of a lie, this is what he said..."What...

by Destinykil - Comments: 4 - Views: 192
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Come in and Read.
Ok so first off, let me introduce myself. I'm Destinykil, or "Des" for short. I traveled from WOTN over to here as the fourth member. I am very funny. I love to workout and train. And I plan to captivate you all each day with a blog. Today's blog is about..

Jerk-ish People

What gives with these people? I mean yes some of them have reasons to be mad but the others who are just blatantly rude really make my blood boil. Let me show you what they look like.

by Destinykil - Comments: 10 - Views: 204
Police Officers
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