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New RP Format

Seriously, new-admin smell. It's phenomenal.

I got the RPs updated and changed a few things up.

RPs have been completely reworked. Ish.

RPs are now divided into classes. Everyone has access to Class A right now. More on classes momentarily-ish.

Characters are still run the same way (except in the case of one of the Class B RPs, which will be explained-ish shortly-ish). You are free to reuse old characters (I'll leave the links for those for a month or until I'm tired of seeing them) or create new characters.

Suggesting RPs is much looser due...

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We're gonna make another attempt at reviving this site. We're gonna make this place freaking awesome, yes?

We're gonna have a giant event of epicness. This time it'll be real and cool and etc. The goal will be simply to revive the site, though if we improve upon it as well, that'd be fantastic.

In just a week or two (or three) we're gonna have an event that will focus almost entirely on making AA and the RP sites active and awesome. We're talking posting contests and lots of other contests. It'll be a long event, so you...

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Well, maybe not one more, but.... *shrug*

I just enjoy making posts as admin, because, regardless of how long I've been an admin, it hasn't lost its new admin smell.

Warning: my spacebar is freaking out (and has been for a long time now) so there might be a few cases of wordsallsmooshedtogether. I apologize for that right now.
Warning 2.0: After writing this post, I realized that Q rubbed off on me far more than I ever thought he had. Apologies for the obnoxiously long post (the tl;dr is in the box on the main page).
Warning 3.0: I've edited this thing multiple...

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I felt like I had to have some video game's item acquired sound set up to play while I was getting it put out for the masses.

Above the Colonies and below the Market is a little place called the Battle Zone. Everything you need to know is located there. Questions may be directed to me since I probably didn't explain everything as well as you need it to be.
Note: The stats you use are on your RP accounts. Rei, my FME character, battles Sam, Fish's PP character. (Thus, requirement to be active on the RP sites. Gasp, it's a conspiracy!)

Have fun, y'all! And I'd suggest you...

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From the depths of nonexistence we rise for what seems the millionth time.
Seriously, though, it's been nearly a year since we opened this site up and we've seen both ridiculous activity and no activity. Love this roller coaster.

But now is the time to get this place really kicking. In a week (or a week and a half, depending) we're going to start a celebration of sorts to celebrate the fact that there are still people posting on the site! It'll probably look familiar, but that's how we like things here. Familiar.

Details aren't quite ready to be explained right here,...

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It is with greatest pleasure that I can announce to the citizens of Meia that the auction system that we have been toiling on is now available to you! The auction system promises to be one of the future pillars of Meia and will create great ease for all members of the country.

There are those who question the auction system and I want to assure you that any moral or ethical dilemmas are not to be worried about. The auction system is completely run on the wishes of its members and it is something that promises a bright future for Meia. I sincerely hope you do not delay in getting into...

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Greetings Meians.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a new aspect of this world. Through the work of our Commanders, we have the opportunity to offer to you the services of those who live in the worlds to which you often venture. Yoyo will explain this new addition shortly.

I also have the privilege to present to you the first chapter of the true Chronicles of Meia. Commanders Q and Yoyo have chronicled the events of Meia and will continue to do so. It may be found in the NavBar at the top of the page under "Meia."

Please, enjoy the new additions we...

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 [ Poll ]  

June Update

I know, I know, it's mid-June and I'm only just now getting a post made about future updates and such. Fail on my part, sorry~

We're working on those Speed RPs. Two a week was a little (okay, a lot) too much for people to handle. Burnout after the first couple weeks. So, we're gonna have a poll-like-thing in this thread. We're gonna have one Speed RP a week (Pirates one week, FME the next, Code Geass the third) but we need to know what time of day and what day of the week you guys would best like it to happen. Just post what day you're best able to spend about 24 hours posting and what...

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And we promised those of you who participated in the Easter event prizes. So here's how it will work.

We're going to base your prizes off how many Easter Eggs you have. Makes sense, right? But since some people have points already, and we don't want to go through every profile on AA just post below so we know to count you as a prize winner. Make sure you state what prizes you want. (Which prize from which commander and whatnot.)

So the prizes are simple and accumulative. So if you get 15 eggs you'll get prizes from the categories below you. Good job!
If you got...

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Yes, it's super long. Yes, I expect you to read it all. In fact.. Read all of this or bad things will happen. Things like your eyes bursting into flames at random. News & Updates 13515

Anime Armageddon is a pretty laidback site. Most things that would get you in trouble on other forums are kinda laughed at here or given a quick little “you’re not in trouble, but” and everyone moves on.

From now on, doing something incredibly stupid (posting porn, making two accounts, etc.) will result in one of two forms...

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Heya, it's Easter time! Known for the bunny that poops eggs that we hunt for Sunday mornings before your body wakes up! Woo!

Well, to celebrate this particular holiday, we've set up an Easter egg exchange! Sort of. Anywho~ You'll see lots of pretty eggies in posts. Just click it to give someone an Easter egg! It's great!

The event starts, erm, now and will go until Monday whenever we get around to shutting it down. We might make it longer. We'll let you know if we do. :P

Now, because Forumotion is the service it is, some people (most people) have a head start and...

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UPDATED [4/6/11]
Hellooooo, AA!
I apologize now for the lack of updates concerning AA and her subsites. Q and I managed to get ourselves addicted to a computer game and as a result, AA regretfully dropped in priority. But, we're back and focused and with a new update for you!

On each of the RP sites we are going to set up a special weekly mission. Each week, you will choose a partner (or two to form a team of three if you desire) and you will race to see who can create the longest RP in a set twenty-four hours. There are no restrictions (for the first one at least) other than a requirement of at...

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Greetings, Meians.

A lot of things are going on here. Many new things are joining the old. February and April will be a set of incredibly active months.

There are new features to the sites coming soon, but for now, I have some news, both exciting and unfortunate, that I must impart to you.

Our leadership is changing. Q and Yoyo are still my commanders, but Bano is stepping down to the level of moderator. Also joining the moderator team is Jan (who will continue to use both her account and Mikel's if I know her. And I do.).

In addition to changes of position...

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It has been some time since I last did one of these. Sadly, times have been busy and I have not had a chance to force my commanders to do anything random and strange for them.

I am pleased to announce the return of the Commander Prostitution Ring.

The rules are simple. As a group, you must recruit a total of thirty (30) new members. Each of you must tell us who you recruited by posting their names here. If you manage to do this, each person who recruited someone (and posted their name here) will receive a spcecial treat. The commanders Q and Yoyo will do a live stream for...

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Greeting soldiers!

As you may recall, the week that signaled the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 was the introduction to the Commander Prostitution Ring. The Commanders have agreed to continue the CPR until further notice. As such, you soldiers are charged with the duty of earning the rewards set before you!

As a group, you must recruit a total of thirty (30) new members. Each of you must tell us who you recruited by posting their names here. If you manage to do this, each person who recruited someone (and posted their name here) will receive a video of one of the three...

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Greetings citizens of Meia!

I have wonderful news for everyone. The interdimensional transporters (called ITs for short) that were damaged a while back by the resistance have been repaired! This is very exciting and I am sure you are all ready to go hopping back into the worlds which you all became accustomed to visiting. Have no fear of being attacked by the resistance movement while you are using the ITs. A guard has been set up around them that will ensure your safety.

There are some things I must warn you of, however. Those of you who have been to the other worlds in the...

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:original message:
Greeting to all my military men and women!

As some of you know, Commander Quater is going on a trip and will be gone for nearly a week. (If you did not know, well, now you do!) Commander Yoyo has also informed me that she will be unable to perform her usual duties during that time. (Commander Banouin will be doing all their duties while they are on leave.) These two are the most active here, so their sudden absence has produced in my mind a brilliant idea. While they are gone,...

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Greeting, I am Shogun Kujo and I would like to personally welcome you to Anime Armageddon! Those of you who have just recently joined should have received a letter from myself introducing this place.

This place is still being built, but there are many things to come to look forward to. My Commanders Quater, Banouin, and Yoyo would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Also, be sure to read the Basic Training Manual in the New Users section.

Until construction is complete, you may feel free to chat with your fellow members and do everything offered right now.

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